My AltMBA Experience: October 2018 Session

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TEDxSantaBarbara Returns with the Theme 'Outside In'

The TEDx Santa Barbara team is excited to announce the 2nd annual event happening Saturday, November 11, 2017...


Impact Magazine: 6 Lessons Learned from Building Bon Affair

It's dark. Jayla can feel the presence of the makeup artist hovering. As soon as the soft brush lifts from her skin...


5 Reasons To Get Yourself Into A Co-working Space

BZZZ BZZZ sounds the alarm. BZZZ BZZZ, I roll over reach my hand around the side of the bed and pick up my phone to hit snooze...


travel now now: South Africa

Curated the content for the Travel Now Now magazine for youth tourists in South Africa. It offers the best of backpacking, volunteering, tours, safaris and English language studies in the country.


Impact Hub Stories: Homegrown

Homegrown Luscious rose petals caress one another in the display case, filling the room with a heady scent...

Screen Shot 2018-04-02 at 1.58.13 PM.png

4 Ways To Be Authentic In Your Messaging & Why It Matters

So you're interested in video and you want to share your message with the world. Well to do that, I need you to consider...


SMHS Students Impress Judges At Business Plan Showcase

The electricity in the air is palpable as students from San Marcos High School compete passionately in the Entrepreneurship Academy's...


Caleigh Hernandez Supports Kenyan Women By Selling The Shoes They Make

Caleigh Hernandez felt the legs of the plastic chair bend under her weight as she shifted down in the seat...

What people are saying...

“Kathryn has been crafting stories and curating content for our coworking space. Her writing has the playfulness and approachability that we need to attract the right attention and build the community we want. Her style perfectly positions our company as a thought leader in the industry. Kathryn is polite, professional and is able to grasp the complexities of the industry she is writing about. I would highly recommend working with her.”
— Breanna C., Events and Marketing Manager, Impact Hub Santa Barbara
“Kathryn is extremely special. Honestly, I’m more of a visual person than anything else (working in professional video), but when I read Kathryn’s work she did for us, there was no difference for me. I can see what she says and I can feel what she means. I’d recommend her to anyone that is trying to capture and/or create signature pieces of written content for their business or story. Thanks Kathryn!”
— Nik K., The Visual Era
“I was surprised by how thoughtfully Kathryn crafted a story about my journey in the tea industry. It has not been a clear path and yet she created a storyline that was both interesting and inspiring.”
— James A., Far West Tea Traders
“The story Kathryn wrote about my business, Best Foot Forward, which sells Kenyan made sandals in the US, was picked up by a local publication as the cover story! It immediately led to an increase in interest in my product across town.”
— Caleigh H., Best Foot Forward