South African Adventures


It all started when...

I couldn't decide where I wanted to go to study abroad.

The decision that followed this indecision was one of the best I ever made - I chose to go live and learn in Cape Town, South Africa.

Thus began a love story that continues today. 

Ever since first stepping foot on the ground in South Africa, I have not looked back. First studying abroad at University of Cape Town in a program focused around social entrepreneurs, I found lecture halls filled with optimistic students focused on the future of their country and what they can do to change it for the better.

Just two years after returning from studying abroad, I moved my entire life back to Cape Town for an undetermined amount of time. I first found myself working in economic development, working alongside micro-entrepreneurs who were pushing and making it work despite the insurmountable odds. Then, after some soul searching and hitting rock bottom, I found my way to the buzzing halls of the hostel, Once in Cape Town. This special place quickly became my home for the next year and the launchpad for some truly African adventures including; a roadtrip in a borrowed LandCruiser (yes, we met the owner at a bar, no really!) that went completely off course by the second day and led to epic adventures no one can plan - and a solo road trip in my Nissan Tiida across some of the most desolate stretches of South Africa and to some of the most beautiful and remote corners of the country.

Only leaving due to visa complications, my love affair continues through endless conversation (yes, I can talk about it forever and annoy everyone around me) and giving advice to the many people I find traveling back to the area, which is why I have decided to start giving advice in a more formal setting and help others plan their own epic South African (and southern Africa) adventures.

And through the gentle encouragement of others, I am finally taking the necessary steps to document some of the epic adventures and experiences I had and will continue to have (I am traveling back mid-April - so soon!) in written form. So stay tuned, this will be the space to see whatever is coming next.