Permission To Lead

I unlock my door, step into my studio and immediately pour the last glass of red wine from the bottle.

Whew! The second week was a difficult one. To say it was different from the previous weeks’ experience would be an understatement.

Personalities were different. The first week had felt almost effortless to collaborate. We bounced off one another, stayed quiet as necessary and supported one another as needed. We had a group dynamic that worked well.

This week, however, it was quite different. It was a much bigger challenge to collaborate.

Going into the AltMBA, I knew I would inevitably bump up against very different personalities and would likely get frustrated. So it wasn’t a total surprise. However, when I found myself in the midst of this experience, it proved hard to remember that this was expected.

So how have I changed in the course of the second week?

Well for one my patience was definitely tested.

My ability to empathize with people was also stretched.

I also learned that sometimes it’s necessary to tune out the chatter (whether external or internal) and instead focus on the ideas that need development and the steps that need taking in order to move forward most effectively.

Most importantly, I learned how to redirect a conversation and gave myself permission to lead. This is not something I naturally do, especially when in a group. But I realized that we needed to stop overanalyzing and talking in circles and instead take steps to ship our project.

So I focused on creation. And that eventually brought direction and ultimately a completed and shipped project.

So what am I focusing on as the central lesson from this week?


I have permission to lead. And I can give myself that permission if necessary.

Because when you choose to give yourself the permission to lead, you ultimately take control of your own life and your behavior shifts. It changes from passive to assertive. From meek to demanding attention. And this shift is something that I need in both my life and work.

“You should see her since she gave herself permission to rise.”

- Rebecca Ray @thefreewmn