Try. Do.

Today I opened up my email and came across this message:

This is my recreation on Instagram @kathryn_alife.

This is my recreation on Instagram @kathryn_alife.

Basically, it suggests we should not TRY, instead we must take action and DO.


Ask for the date. Take that first step. Go to the gym. Make that phone call. Just do that thing that will help you reach your goal.


Is it just me, or is that an incredibly powerful visual?


I mean it’s true, right? Whenever I hear someone say they will TRY something, I take them far less seriously than someone who says they will DO something.


In fact, when I hear someone talk about their future and choose to use a word like TRY, I nearly always assume that they will not do it - or don’t believe in themselves enough to pull it off - or they are not passionate enough to pull off such a feat.


It’s strange. When I really think about it, I use the word TRY when I am unsure about my abilities or when I’m not very interested. 


And I use the word DO when I am determined, serious and want to take action.


If I were honest, I think we live in a TRY society.


I say this because business ideas are a dime a dozen. The market for ‘find yourself’ courses is booming. Nearly everyone is calling themselves an entrepreneur nowadays. People talk about lofty dreams of travel and location-independent work and “lifestyle design” even though they are still living the same lifestyle of 5 years ago.


What differentiates those who are successful from those who are not, is ACTION


The doing part of the equation.


If you say you are entrepreneur - show us. Start that side hustle, work for yourself, launch that business - DO something.


If you treat you business ideas like gold - rather than just talking about them and their future supposed success - start it now. Test it. Put it on the market and see what happens. 


If you talk about future long term travel then show us. Start putting that 10% of your income into savings for your future adventure. Strategize how to make it happen. Take the steps to make it a reality.


Because ultimately, if you don’t take action and only ever TRY it will never happen.


Let me say that again - your dream WILL NEVER HAPPEN.


Yes I realize that sounds harsh. But we all need to hear it.


We can spend our entire lifetimes in limbo. We can spend years upon years of imagining a different future, of researching endless options and learning everything there is to do, but NEVER TAKING ACTION.


We can die with an unrealized dream.


If you’re anything like me, you’d rather give it a shot and fail, than never try at all. 


This blog is a perfect personal example.


It’s a first step on my journey towards the future I want. I may not know exactly what I see myself doing in 5 years, or even 6 months - but I know writing this blog is a crucial aspect of developing my voice and an audience as well as the confidence I need to put myself out there and take the steps necessary to take the action I need to be successful.




Do that thing that you’ve been putting off. And rather than make excuses, think about all the reasons you CAN do that thing you want.


Because ultimately we are all far more influential than we may believe and it is only when we embrace our influence, as well as our uniqueness, that we start to make that mark we were put on this planet to make.


In the comments below let me know:

What is holding you back from taking action? 

What step will you take TODAY to change your future?