You're Enough

We are all enough.


Do you know that? More importantly, do you believe it?


This morning I was reminded just how much I and you are enough.


Whether it is in our business, or in our relationships, or at work, we are each enough, even when we don’t believe it ourselves.


Say it to yourself;


When following my dreams, I am enough.


When at work, I am enough.


When questioning my skills or qualifications, I am enough.


When running around town taking care of errands, I am enough.


When I don't manage to get everything on the checklist done that I thought I would, I am enough.


When picking up my kids from school, I am enough.


When going through a breakup or a tough moment in a relationship, I am enough.


Even when I fail at a task or in the eyes of another, I am STILL enough.


Don’t forget that.


Don’t forget how much it matters that you are ENOUGH.


Recently, I’ve been struggling with this very thing.


I made the move to leave the job that I knew wasn’t the right fit for me and luckily I found my way into a part time gig almost immediately. However, even with what I know to be a positive change for myself, I can’t help but feel less than. Feel like I failed again. Feel like I made a mistake and feel as though some people (as in my previous coworkers and some friends) see me as less-than. As a failure of some sort. Whether or not this is true (and I know first hand that this is not true for the majority of former coworkers), it really shouldn’t matter because their opinion about me DOESN’T MATTER. 


As far as I am concerned (as difficult as it may be to believe at times) the only opinion that does matter is the one that God has about me - and according to scripture, He loves me more than I, as a mere mortal, can fully comprehend. So if I believe what God says to be true, with my full heart and soul, than no other opinion - even my own - actually matters. 


Because I am ENOUGH.


Isn’t it beautiful? I am enough and so are you!


I love this - it brings so much reassurance and love rushing into my mind, heart and soul every time I think it or read it. It makes me feel beautiful, loved, intelligent - like I can truly do whatever I set my mind too.


And this very thing is more freeing that almost anything else I can think of.


So this week, I challenge each of you to take this phrase and place it somewhere where you will see it each and every day and see if it changes anything in your life.


Because, I have a feeling, if we really let it sink in, it can change our entire lives.