Taking Action

I did something scary this weekend.


Something I’ve been mulling over for at least a few weeks.


Something I thought I couldn’t find enough time to actually make happen. When in reality I was procrastinating and doing unimportant tasks that filled up the hours and made it APPEAR as though I had run out of time.


So yesterday, after a long conversation with a good friend and fellow entrepreneur, I finally did it.


I had already spent two hours scrolling through meaningless social media when I told myself that that was enough. I had to make a move.


So I did.


And in doing so, I felt a mix of both freedom and elation and the weightiness of FEAR.


The thoughts of doubt. The thoughts saying that I couldn’t do it. That it wouldn’t work. That I would be a complete and utter failure. They were all there.


And I’m still struggling with them.


Do I know what I’m doing? No.


Will this be a steep learning curve? Yes.


Will I make mistakes? Yes.


Can it fail? Quite possibly.


But will I be happy I tried? Yes. 


Will I regret taking action? Ultimately, no matter happens, no.


So in the end its worth it.


And in a way I launched this community as much for myself as for others.


So what is it?


Well first let me explain one thing. I rebranded my website under The Rested Entrepreneur. That was the original goal of starting a website and it finally felt like it was time to shift everything over. My website is still under my own name, but the primary domain has changed. As well as the layout.




I launched a community. On Facebook.


I decided that in order to provide value and learn more about what other entrepreneurs needed in order to feel balance in their lives - that I should launch a closed group - or a community - for those looking for the same thing.


And don’t get me wrong, I am in no means the shining example of this. In fact, I am often the opposite. 


Struggling with energy, self-doubt, depression, overwhelm...all of it (cue the negative self talk here).


But one thing I do know is that I am tired of seeing friends working to the point of burnout. Tired of the endless lists of productivity hacks. Of sleep hacks. Of ways to squeeze more activity into your day. Of quotes that are supposedly motivating, but instead create unnecessary levels of guilt about how much YOU got done today. 


I’m tired of the productivity narrative telling us to wake up early, take care of your body, run a business, have a family and look perfect the whole time and repeat the next day - and saying its easy with these ”easy to implement steps”. It’s not. It’s not natural. And I would argue that it is far more likely people burn out rather than ever make it to success with this game plan.


So I did it. 


I created the Facebook community under the same name as my website, The Rested Entrepreneur.


At this point in time I have no idea where it will lead me, but I do know one thing - it is something I needed to do. So I did. 


And the value of action often far outweighs anything else.


So if you would like to join, just send me a request over Facebook and I will be sure to include you in this experiment called community.


My hope is that it takes a life of its own. But we will see. 


And that’s part of the excitement.